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Wacky collaboration with City of Mississauga. More...

client: RGD role: Creative Collaboration, Motion Design, Animation

The tongue-in-cheek, cross-eyed creative direction for 2012's DesignThinkers conference was great fun to work with. Animating optical illusions is the visual equivalent of an oxymoron, so adding layers of extra meaning was imperative. Enter the found footage concept, which included latin subtitles, overdubbed VHS captions, and flashing subconscious imagery. Where did they find this tape??

Full Credits:
Design Studio – City of Mississauga ***WINNER, 2013 Applied Arts Design Awards (Campaign)***
Creative Director – Tina Mackenzie
Designers – Alex Lo-Basso, Josh Remazki
Writer – Doug Dolan

Conference Videos. More…

Motion Design, Animation, Additional Copywriting


Juniper Park's work for DesignThinkers 2010 campaign has won a 2011 Applied Arts Design Award!

RGD's annual design conference had another successful year in 2010. Record attendance, outstanding speakers and fantastic creative [put together by Toronto agency Juniper Park]. In collaboration with the team there, several animation and video assets were created that extended the creative treatment onto the event's screens.

The results were very "design"-y and "discuss"-ful.

Full Credits:
Agency – Juniper Park
Lead Designer – Ryan Teixera
Creative Director – Barry Quinn
Additional Credit – Chelen Hilmi, Lisa Zych

/ / Clip 2 - "Design Should Change Minds"


Conference "Trailers" More…

Video Concept, Editorial, Animation, Compositing

CLIENT: Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD), Toronto, Canada
B-movie Monsters? Check.
Girls screaming? Check.
Buildings crumbling? Check.
Hand-drawn type? Check.
Introductory graphics for an international design conference... complete!

Standing on the shoulders of the event's design sponsor Hambly & Woolley, produced a looping, five-minute ode to vintage sci-fi/horror trailers which was displayed at Design Thinkers 09. The event took place Nov 2-6 in Toronto, Canada and was attended by over 1300 people in the design industry.

Watch for all 24 different sponsor logos which are sprinkled across these three camp-tastic trailers: Return of the Mind Benders, They Walk Among Us and When Ideas Collide.

Concept & Design: Hambly & Woolley Inc.
Writing: Doug Dolan
All Footage Public Domain



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Hilarious Collab w Jacknife. More…

Editing, Animation

CLIENT: The Pop Shoppe Soda, Toronto, Canada
STUDIO: Jacknife (Formerly AmoebaCorp)

****** UPDATE: AmoebaCorp's Pop Shoppe site has been very successful, picking up awards in the 14th Annual Webby Awards, Applied Arts Interactive Awards and Summit International Awards. ON THE CHASE! is thrilled to be a part of it. ******

In keeping with The Pop Shoppe's plan to takeover the world, AmoebaCorp has created a new website for them that celebrates the brand's uber playful, larger-than-life personality. The site is built around the concept of an alternate world that lives inside a Pop Shoppe bottle and features a bevy of highly inventive and colourful cartoon-based characters and the shenanigans they get up to.

ON THE CHASE! was fortunate enough to be given the task of animating these crazy characters in full HD glory, for 3 featured vignettes: a staring contest between a Yeti and a Sasquatch, a battle between a Leprechaun and a Unicorn, and a tale which reveals the mystic origins of The Pop Shoppe's sodas.

'We're designers but a few of us are also illustrators and animators and all of us are fundamentally kids at heart. To be able to come into the office every day and have a serious discussion about who should win a staring contest between a Sasquatch and a Yeti is pretty much the definition of a dream project'
- Mikey Richardson, Co-Creative Director at AmoebaCorp

And be sure to check out the amazing new Pop Shoppe site to explore the entire world of The Pop Shoppe!

Director: Mike Kelar & Mikey Richardson
Sound Design: Tattoo Music + Sound.


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