Design, Illustration, Animation, Sound

CLIENT: Martin Prosperity Institute

Script: Lisa Torjman
Voice: Julie Selby
Brand Design: Bruce Mau Design


Design, Illustration, Animation

AGENCY: Penguin Perspective
CLIENT: Human Logistics

A toast to the wonder of modern aviation.

Concept & Story: Penguin Perspective
Motion design: On The Chase
Flight paths: Michael Markieta
Music: 'Tigran' by Live Footage, Brooklyn
Voice: Stephen Gallagher
Sound design: Sean McGee

Short film supporting positive LGBT language. More...

Co-Directed, Design, Illustration, Animation

CLIENT: Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (OPACY)

Challenging everyone to be an ally to LGBT youth. We journey through the negative and the positive language using hand-lettered typography and colour.

Directed by Zack Russell & Julian Brown
Illustration & Animation - Julian Brown
Sound Design - Zack Russell
Additional Illustration - Amy Shackleton

You Are Not Alone (YANA)
Jay Bruneau
Elys Gardiner
Juan Jaramillo
Yaz Martens
Kari McMinn
Lucas Medina
Nancy Russell
Theodore Syrette
Amoy Thompson
Cyrus Uhrig
Yessinia Vasquez
Sandy Wynia-Katz

Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts:
Dalton Bolton, Rochelle Bradley, Ali Froggatt, Connor McCalven, Stephanie Megraw-Fabian, Will Monahan, Timothy Ng, Jade Percival, Joel Schaefer, Sherman Tsang, Alana Wortsman

Film — Titles, Credits, Animated Sequences. More...

Creative Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation

Premiering at Hot Docs Film Festival 2014 in Toronto, The Secret Trial 5 tells the shocking story of Canada’s security certificates, an unusual policy mechanism used to imprison five Muslim men without charge for nearly 30 years combined, while the evidence against them remains secret. Visit to watch the film.

Above: "Security Certificates Explained"

"Special Advocates"

"CSIS House Arrest"


Educational collab with Pivot Design Group. More...

Animation, Sound Design

"Your body plays host to trillions of miroscopic visitors that make up your unique microbiome fingerprint. A troup of bacterial superheroes living in your gut works very hard to help keep you healthy, strong and resilient. Watch the first segment of our 4-part series on the human gut microbiome and learn more about the superheros that live within you."

CLIENT: Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF)

Script, Storyboards, Design by Pivot Design Group
Animation, Sound Design by ON THE CHASE!

Amazing volunteering + art event series. More...

Creative Direction, Design, Animation, Sound Design

CLIENT: Timeraiser

When I first heard of Timeraiser, I recall being floored by the genius of the event's core concept. People bid on original artwork by pledging volunteer hours to charities—amazing.

As all the details emerge, Timeraiser only gets better and better. Volunteers can match with nonprofits by their skill set. The artwork is from local artists, who are in-turn paid for their pieces. And on top of it all, the events themselves are a downright pleasure to attend (I myself have been to two).

Writer: Anil Patel
Narrator: Teresa Decher



Creative Direction, Design, Animation

CLIENT: Social Innovation Generation

***WINNER — 2013 Applied Arts Design Awards — July/August issue***

"Social Innovation" is a very large and complicated term to define, even to the educated audience for which this video is intended. We unpack the meaning of Social Innovation by using a circular layered system of intricate icons and bold, keyword-heavy typography.

Writer: Geraldine Cahill
Writer: Cheryl Rose
Narrator: Joanna Reynolds